Black hat SEO

This approach consists of unethical practices to improve rankings of a website in the search engine results. These results have usually very short life but in long term they get penalize

Some of the black hat activities that people do

  1. Keyword stuffing
  2. Copying or duplicate Content
  3. Link Stuffing
  4. Blog Spamming
  5. Hidden text 
  6. Content Automation
  7. Link Farms
  8. And many more

White hat SEO

Sticking to guidelines is white hat. It is opposite of the activities in black hat

Some of the white hat  examples

  1. Offer quality content and relevant keywords
  2. Making site easy to navigate and avoid redirects to unrelated website
  3. Use of descriptive tags, and follow our on-page activities
  4. Responsive and fast loading website
  5. Give value to customer

Grey hat SEO

Grey hat is middle ground between white hat and the black hat techniques.Techniques such as link buying and purchasing old domains. Purchasing followers, creating similar content instead of duplicate and sometimes clocking .