What does Off-Page SEO include

Before following any advice from this article. Biggest advice is to spend a good time creating good content which can be associated with the emotion of reader, viewer or your listeners. Without engaging content or value for the visitor, all these activities are waste. They will support you but it’s not a substitute for tasteless and irrelevant content.

Link building

Link building is the most popular and effective off-Page SEO method. It makes easier for your website to be found and indexed properly with search engines. There many activities. Link building can happen in many forms


  1. Article Submission
  2. Blog posting
  3. Forum signature
  4. Comment Link
  5. Article directories
  6. Shared content directories
  7. Link exchange schemes


  1. More Traffic
  2. Improve search Visibility
  3. Back Link Building
  4. Indirect Visitors

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Social Media Engagement

You can attract traffic and build links by engaging your website on social media platforms.There are many platforms but most common are Facebook, google plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram

     S.No    Social Networking Sites         DA      PA       PR

  1. http://www.twitter.com/                100      97        10
  2.  http://www.facebook.com/         100      97        9
  3.  http://www.linkedin.com/            100      97        9
  4.  http://www.pinterest.com/          100      96        9
  5.   http://plus.google.com/              100      96        9

Social Bookmarking

Promote your websites on popular platforms such as Reddit, ScoopIt, Digg, etc.There are many sites available with domain authority.

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Guest Blogging

Blogging can create new, unique, compelling content, building up new links to drive traffic to your website. Partner with other bloggers and website for guest blogging. Check for their domain authority first.

Question and Answer

One of the best ways you can get high traffic is from the question and answer sites. most famous sites for this is Quora and Reddit.Even you can ask us if you have some good article about technology.

Image Submission

There are many famous sites available for image submission, for example, Instagram, Tumbler, Flickr, Shutterfly etc.

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Video Submission

Head to popular video submission sites. Make your videos popular with a video submission.Read the detailed articles for more Off-Page SEO techniques, trends and strategies with more insights. Stay connected for SEO techniques.

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Competitor Analysis

Choose your top 5 competitors. Compare the keywords, titles, metatags and look for important findings missing on your website.

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Advertise at Free Classified ad Sites

There are many free classified websites in every country. Spend some time, prepare a list of websites. Some of examples are Craiglist, Ebay classifieds, Oodle, Hoobly, Olx, iNetGiant, Geebo & Locanto.

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Paid Advertisement

Nowadays, mostly budget of ads is spent on google and Facebook. Though there are many other provider bits they are most effective. Rest it depends where is your target audience present.

  1. Why paid Media is Important
  2. Increase in brand visibility
  3. Increase in sales & traffic
  4. Results are instant, and fees are transparent
  5. Return on investment is high
  6. Increase online Conversions
  7. Helps you to tap unexplored customer areas

Join Like Minded Communities

There are many communities group on Facebook and other social media channels. You can partner with them for mutual growth. For example, if you write travel blogs, there are many groups on Facebook that help each other to grow.

Check Your Website for Indexing

Using a “site” search in Google is the quickest way to check whether a site or webpage is indexed.

Syntax- "site:yourdomain.com/page-to-check/"

 Monitor Your Domain Authority

The higher this number, the easier it will be for your site to rank in search results.  Mostly above methods help you to increase the domain authority.

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